Hello Dizzies!

This is my very first forum post ever! I’m glad I finally got round to doing this and getting my head round WordPress.

I’ve been recovering (or not) from bilateral (bloody unlucky) Labyrinthitus for 3 months now. I’ve learnt so much whilst travelling the tedious, process-driven, time-consuming NHS path and I want to share this with you in the hope that by doing so I will spare you some of the cr4p I went through and you will get the support you need quicker than I did.  .

As it stands, I am currently still dizzy and unbalanced and need to walk with a stick or lean on someones arm. Every now and then I just randomly fall to the side like I’ve had too many mid-morning tipples. The worst part is that I’ve lost much of my hearing in both ears and am now dependent on hearing aids. When you think of deafness, you’d think of Buddha-like peace and quiet, but the truth is, my head is filled with the most excruciating internal noise 24 hours a day (the word tinnitus feels too gentle to describe the reality of it).

Some days I can have a little chuckle at the ridiculousness of it – particularly as I’m staggering up the road with my walking stick, hearing aids on and am so dizzy I cant see the faces of the people in front of me. It’s a pretty disastrous state of affairs really! The reality is that my life has been drastically affected and I’ve lost my independence, freedom and my ability to work and party so its not very funny…but I’m allowed to laugh at it.

If anything I can share with you prevents you from experiencing this as well, then its worth it. That’s why I am writing this blog. For you. I’m so sorry anyone else has to go through this.

I’ve got three months of backdating to do so bear with me whilst I get you caught up with where I am right now