Share your experience with labyrinthitus, hearing loss or vestibular issues…

I’d like to open up a space on this blog for other people to share their experience with vestibular issues, labyrinthitus and hearing loss. It can be so isolating as the people around us don’t understand what we are seeing, feeling and hearing. Personally I so appreciate connecting with others who have had similar experiences and so understand. Its particularly uplifting to connect with people who have succeeded in getting back to ‘normal’ life.

You are invited to write your story here which I will publish as a Guest Blog Post. Please send me an email to with as much info as possible. Please include your

  • Name
  • Age
  • Location
  • (optional) Photo – It’s nice to put a face to a name.
  • Whether you’d like me to include your contact details and if you are happy for readers to contact you directly.

Tell us about:

  • Your story and experience
  • Your symptoms/illness/diagnosis/treatments
  • Timescales
  • What helped, tips
  • Medication feedback that could be useful for others
  • Advice to others

For many of us, getting over or learning to live with vestibular and hearing issues will be the biggest achievement of our lives. Its a journey full of struggle but also filled with massive personal growth and MAJOR achievements to be proud of.

We look forward to hearing from you.