Tinnitus Poem

My ears hiss and hum,
they fizz and they freak,
like a song with no melody
week after week

You hear sound,
and I hear distortion.
This ever present noise,
is driving me to exhaustion

I may never hear quiet,
or stillness again.
I wonder how long,
till it drives me insane

A chord played by a corpse.
a factory, a machine,
an electrical substation,
with a piano wedged between

A never-ending, mind-bending,
permanent drone.
It’s like 16 simultaneous flatliners
that won’t leave me alone

An orchestra of electrical tools,
a theme tune stuck on the e-cord.
Dear God, I’ve had enough and I’m tired,
please change the record!!

Distract me, but loudly.
Give me a release,
from this burglary of sound
I want back my peace.

But don’t take away all sound,
my connection to living.
Just ease up on the endless howling,
the entourage of sounds so unforgiving.

People say ahhh when I tell them
and they frown and tilt their head.
This just makes me want to batter them
or let them hear my sound instead!

Friend, please remember my challenges,
even when I am peaceful or beaming.
The volume is right down low on my world,
and the noise is still screaming.

Have courage to speak louder.
Direct your words to my face.
This is an act of love.
It is a kindness and a grace.

Those times when you forget,
when you whisper or you mumble
I try as I might but I can’t reach
you through this piercing grumble.

Try not to lose patience,
With me and my faulty ears.
These are tough challenges I live with
These are my troubles and my tears

I love and I laugh still.
I strive to overcome and forget it.
Your remembering, and your sensitivity.
Really helps me not sweat it.

by Candice L. April 2018

Artwork by Dean Goldsmith