UK Supplements for Medical Medium Protocol

If you are following the Medical Medium (Anthony William) protocol in the UK or EU to overcome chronic illnesses, you’ve probably spent many hours online trying to find the right products at a price that doesn’t blow your adrenals. Some of the brands Anthony recommends such as Pure Encapsulations, Eidon and Gaia Herbs, are just too expensive to be sustainable in the long-term if you are having them shipped over to UK or EU.

If you can afford to purchase the Anthony recommended supplements I would strongly suggest you do – they can be found here (view in Internet Explorer as it doesn’t view well in Chrome). For some of us it is simply not an option to pay the US prices plus import taxes.

I’m queen of online research and I’ve put this page together to share what I’ve found to be the best value, highest quality supplements most closely meeting Anthony’s criteria for ingredient content. I do not know how they were all manufactured but test using Systematic Kinesiology which is a biofeedback technique which can be used to test the body’s response to different products and supplements. All of the products have tested positively so far, on my body or clients at least.

This list includes everything I have used, or am currently using but I will keep adding to it as I discover other products. Let me know if there is a specific supplement you are looking for and I’ll see if I can find a good alternative within the practitioner suppliers.

updated 2nd October 2017

  • Vitamin B12– Anthony recommends Vegansafe B12 which is fine if you live in the US but in the UK it is poor value for money. In the UK the best I have found are:
    • Metabolics: I’m sorry to say that I no longer recommend Metabolics B12 as they manufacture from Molasses/Sugar Beet and Corn which are no-no ingredients on the protocol.
    • Epigenetics:  Sell a mixed liquid B12 which contains both forms.  They have been unable to confirm the exact source of the components saying that their manufacturer claims they are ‘synthetic’. I have no idea what this means and keep nagging for more information. Still it seems a better option than Metabolics. You will need 40 drops (approx 3 dropperfuls) of this to provide the equivalent of the Vegansafe version but it will be a 50:50 mix of each form (rather than 80:20). When ordering you will need to give the name of the practitioner who referred you so give mine – Candice L.
  • Zinc – Zinc is an absolutely essential part of this protocol for strengheneing the immune system and protecting the thyroid from damage by EBV. Anthony recommends Eidon Ionic Minerals Zinc Concentrate, Concentrate 2 Oz which  costs a small fortune if you live in UK/EU and barely lasts a month. Don’t try to save money by buying the non concentrated version as you’d have to take 30 droppers to get the same dose as 1 dropper of the concentrated, so in the
    end its no cheaper. I’ve found an amazing alternative which is a fraction of the cost and as zinc_sulphate_300pure. Epigenetics Zinc Sulphate 100ml contains nothing but Zinc Sulphate and distilled water. Whats incredible is 10 drops provides the same amount as 2 droppers full of the Eidon Zinc so these bottles will last AGES. You can also save even more money buy buying Epigenetics Zinc Sulphate 300ml. You’ll need to select the practitioner who referred you so please give my name Candice L. Don’t forget that VAT and postage is additional.
  • Vitamin C – Anthony recommends Ester-C. He says this form repairs damaged neurotransmitters and supports adrenal glands, and helps cleanse the liver and remove toxicity. I love this one – Viridian Ester-C 950mg – 120 Veg Capsules – This one seems to be the best value available, is easy to swallow considering each tablet is nearly 1 gram, and has a vegetarian capsule. I take 3-4 per day.
  • Silver HydrosolSovereign Silver, 8 oz. dropper top – Hydrosol is better than Colloidal Silver as it doesn’t build up in the body. This is the brand recommended by Anthony, there isn’t a better one. It works out cheaper to buy the biggest bottle you can afford. I get this one and take 1 tsp x 3 per day
  • Barley Grass Juice powder – Chelates heavy metals and is a key part of the metal chelation protocol. Make sure you buy the JUICE powder which is much more concentrated than than just plain barley grass as this is far more concentrated. Best value and quality I have found is Organic Raw Barley Grass JUICE Powder – Premium Organic 100g – I take 1 tsp per day.
  • L-Lysine – Antiviral and anti-inflammatory to the nervous system. Solgar L-Lysine 1000 Mg: 250 Tablets is a large tablet which means fewer to take. Many of the smaller capsules are made from gelatin- I take 1-4 tablets per day
  • ionic_selenium_500Selenium – Strengthens and protects the nervous system which can be affected by EBV. Stimulates production of thyroid hormone T4. I was previously using Eidon Ionic Minerals Selenium Concentrate but this is SUCH poor value. I’m delighted to have found Metabolics Ionic Selenium 250ml which provides the same form (Selenium Selenate) with just water. This is sold in large plastic bottles but they will give you a glass dropper bottle to decant it into for free. To get the equivalent concentration as Two droppers full of the Eidon version you will need to take THREE droppers full. This is amazing value as it is but you can save money buy buying the 500ml bottle: Metabolics Ionic Selenium 500ml (£32.68). Give my name when ordering anything from Metabolics to receive a 10% discount (Candice L). Vat is added. I take 3 droppers twice per day which means that the 500 ml bottle will last me just under 3 months – all for the same price as one bottle of Eidon.
  • Liposomal Vitamin C High dosage vitamin C. I haven’t found a cheaper UK sunflower version so I ask people to buy me this when they go to America where its cheaper. Be aware that this is only a 2 week supply which is about £4 per days dose! Lipo Naturals – High Potency Liposomal Vitamin C (15oz). I take 2 tbs per day
  • Monolaurin – Antiviral, helps to break down EBV and cofactors. Anthony’s recommended is Lauricidin 227g – 1 scoop per day
  • Flax Seed oil –  Fortifies the endocrine and nervous system. Anthony recommends a plant based oil such as O-Mega-Zen. I can only find one supplier in the UK here. I use the Natures Sunshine Omega 3-6-9 as it always tests positively when I use kinesiology and its much cheaper. Word of warning this has a gelatin shell. I break it open with my teeth suck out the oil and spit the shell but for many of you, especially vegans, you may not wish to find an alternative product.
  • Dulse – Binds to metals to remove them from the system and makes up part of the heavy metal protocol. Some people just add dulse flakes or strips it to their food but I cant bear the taste as I don’t like seafood, so I buy Anthony’s recommended dulse tablets – Bernard Jensen – Nova Scotia Dulse 100 tablets – 1 tbs per day. You can also fry the strips for a bacon like effect though I’m not sure how healthy that is.

Herbs, spices and food source supplements

Natures Answer is the main alcohol free brand available in the UK.  Bodykind seems to be a good online source for Natures Answer products and many supplements and they offer discounts now and then.  Pestle Herbs are good for dried herbs and teas. Check to see which supplier is cheapest at the time.

Cats Claw herb. Named for its hooked thorns that look like claws.
Cats Claw herb. Named for its hooked thorns that look like claws.
  • Licorice Root – Lowers EBV production, kills EBV in the thyroid and strengthens adrenals and kidneys. Anthony recommends Nature’s Answer Licorice Root – cheapest at Bodykind.
  • Star Anise – helps destroys EBV in liver and thyroid.  I add spice to whole tea.
  • Dandelion Root – An excellent liver cleanser. Buy dried from Pestle herbs.