Medical Medium protocol for hearing loss – 1 year update

I’ve now been following the ‘Medical Medium’ protocol for about a year (previous posts here and here) so here’s a little update on how it is going.

I must admit I’ve been getting a little lazy these last few months. I’ve been indulging more often in meals out, more meat, less raw food and not doing my celery juice and lemon every morning. I’ve fallen in love with the warming feel of gluten free oats, raw honey and hemp milk in the morning so my raw till 4 policy lost steam.  It’s not like I’ve gone completely off the rails and am gorging on pepperoni pizza and gin and tonics but I know I’m not doing the very best for myself to encourage my healing.

But things have turned around. My second appointment with one of Anthony William’s recommended practitioners (Muneeza) last week inspired me to get right on track again. She thinks that my viral load is down by about 60% since we last spoke in May 2016, but she urged me to keep going and reinstated that it will take time to get to the point where I can really let my guard down about what I eat and the supplement routine.

Muneeza is a medical intuitive and I know there is no chart or science I can see to demonstrate an improvement, but I believe her because my hearing has remained stable for the last 6 months. And whilst my tinnitus is always in my brain like a factory or electrical waterfall soundtrack, it hasn’t elevated itself to levels I can’t cope with like it has in the past.

I’m studying to be a Systematic Kinesiologist!

The other thing that may have been helping is that since summer I’ve been using Systematic Kinesiology to help me identify exactly what supplements I need to be taking and the right quantities. Systematic Kinesiology (called Touch for Health, or Applied Kinesiology), is a way of obtaining biofeedback from the body in order to identify imbalances and what corrections are needed. Corrections can involve supplements, diet, chiropractic adjustments, acupressure or emotional work.

I found it such a great tool that I decided to study it myself. I think it will be immensely powerful combined with the Medical Medium information and I hope to be able to guide people with chronic illnesses through the protocol in future. I’m still surprised to meet so many people who haven’t heard of the book or the link between Epstein Barr Virus and thyroid problems and chronic and/or mysterious health conditions such as hearing loss. It’s the missing piece of the jigsaw that so many of us have been searching for.


I found that I was able to reduce my supplementation because not all of the supplements in the protocol were required all of the time. Kinesiology showed me that the body needs different things sometimes on a weekly basis. I’ve also added in a few other supplements here and there when they are indicated.

The core supplements that I’m taking every day are:

  • L-Lysene (1,000 mg)
  • Vitamin C – as Ester C (3,000 mg) and Liposomal C (2tbs)
  • Licorice Root Extract (2 droppers)
  • Ashwaganda Extract (2 droppers)
  • Cats Claw Extract (4 droppers)
  • Hawaiin Spirulina (x 6)
  • B12 (adeno/methyl) (4 droppers)
  • Nascent Iodine (3-4 drops)
  • ALA – (600 mg)
  • Coenzyme Q10 – (200mg)
  • Flax Oil – (3 caps)
  • Wild Blueberry Powder – (1 tsp)
  • Barley Grass Juice Powder – (1 tsp)
  • Atlantic Dulse – (6 capsules)

I’ve made a separate page for all the supplements I’ve found to be best value and quality in the UK which adhere to Anthony’s ingredient specification, here.  

Diet and weight

I’m sticking to the diet the majority of the time:

  • No gluten, dairy, egg, chicken, pork, corn/maize, farmed fish, soya, MSG, citric acid
  • Low fat, meat, refined sugar
  • High quantities of fruit and veg, preferably raw, particularly of the foods linked to healing EBV and thyroid

And very annoyingly, whilst I’m following what most people would call a super strict diet, I’ve actually put weight ON with this protocol. Muneeza says its one of the most common complaints from women doing the plan. Some women lose lots and others gain. She assures me that as I get closer to healing the virus, the weight will fall off again. All weight gain is to do with the liver as it gets stagnant and lazy having to clear up all the toxins the detox is lifting up.

If you find you are putting on weight with the protocol make sure you support your liver….drink lemon water every morning, incorporate more kale, dandelion greens, asparagus (every day), red apples, burdock root, nettle and rasberry leaf tea. Cut down on fat and obviously, alcohol.

Given that my whole vision shakes when I move, exercise has lost its appeal. There’s no doubt that my my more sedentary lifestyle is also contributing to my more voluptuous profile.


My thyroid nodules still haven’t shrunk and still show as a big lump on my neck, but I’ve seen a few reports now on Facebook from people who’s modules have completely disappeared so I am holding some hope that one day that will be me too. One lady said her doctor confirmed that her 1/3 remaining thyroid tissue has grown in size!

I’ve upped my intake of nascent iodine to 3-4 drops per day and Muneesa recommended I drink red clover tea every day for my thyroid.

So that’s it for now folks. How are you getting on with the protocol?